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The tray is made of PP and is waterproof and easy to clean. A transparant cover provides for the best possible light and the 2 big vent holes give extra control over humidity and temperature.


The inner dimensions: 38x24x18 cm. â¨This propagator brings growing of seeds and cuttings within everyone's reach, as it propagator easily and without too much space can be placed anywhere, both indoor and outdoor home.
The waterproof liner of the material polypropylene (PP) has good chemical resistance and makes it possible to sow or cuttings on all kinds of ways. Cleaning also is therefore very simple.
The material polypropylene (PP) of the lower container also makes it possible to use these cultivation container in combination with a heating mat or floor heating cables, so that the seed tray at all times can be extended to a heated culture system.
The lid is made of a glass-clear polystyrene, which combines a high transparancy with its rigidity and strength.
The clear transparent cover is slightly oblique and has a brim which in the seed tray, making dewdrops of the cover do not fall directly on seeds and / or cuttings, but the walls glide back into the inner of the propagator.
- Dimensions 38x24x18 cm.
- watertight tray
- Clear transparent cover
- Lockable vent holes
- Manual with comprehensive advice for sowing and cuttings


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Han Ter Bane - 12-02-2019 08:38

Snel geleverd, prima product. Thx!