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The Eazy Plug is specially designed for rapid root development and better plant growth, resulting in a stronger and healthier plants with improved yield.
Eazy Plug is very easy to use and requires less intensive care because:â¨
100% success rate
With its organic materials and our special way of bonding, the Eazy Plug has a predetermined pH and EC value and a fixed air-to-water ratio. â¨Just make sure that the Eazy Plug can drain the excess water and you cannot overwater it. â¨Because the growing conditions are always optimal, the Eazy Plug creates a very fast and powerful rooting and germination.

Germinating seeds
Fully moisten the Eazy Plug and put your seed in the seed hole. Put a thin layer of Eazy Mixx top-layer soil on top of the Eazy Plug and spray thoroughly with water. â¨Make sure the Eazy Plug can drain excess water and put it away in a humid and warm environment. Then wait to see the miracle happening. It is that simple!

Strike cuttings
Fully moisten the Eazy Plug and put your cutting all the way into the cutting hole. â¨Make sure the Eazy Plug can drain excess water and put it away in a humid and warm environment. No rooting gel or powder is necessary.

Easy to transplant
The Eazy Plug will always remain firmly bonded together as a whole. This minimises the risk on root damage during sorting, transplanting or replanting, thus preventing the plant from diseases.

- Handling cuttings is very easy with Eazy Plug
- The material of the Eazy Plug is unsurpassed in water retention
- The Eazy Plug is self-regulating and correcting his pre-destined and buffered pH and EC value
- The Eazy Plug is highly stabilized and therefore does not fall apart ⨠- Eazy Plug is compatible with any type of growing medium, and thus can be used in rock wool, cocos, potting soil, earth, etc.
- The Eazy plug is suitable for both cuttings and seeds
- The Eazy Plug can be stored for a very long period
- The Eazy Plug absorbs water fast even after complete desiccation

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Jan VR - 01-05-2023 13:17

Fantastisch product! Doodeenvoudig in gebruik en inderdaad totaal geen zorgen over vochthuishouding, geen gemors met teelaarde (maakt de vrouw blij!) supersnelle kieming en wortelvorming. Het geld echt wel waard!

Pascal - 27-07-2020 19:53

Super van kwaliteit en super snel geleverd.